Essential Oil Accessories and Supplies

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Top Accessories and Supplies

When you’re just getting started with essential oils, it can be hard to figure out what supplies and accessories you need. Use this handy guide to choose exactly what you need – and the best part is that most of these products are available through Young Living so you can add them to an Essential Rewards order.

1. Reference books

The key to getting started with essential oils is a good reference book. You’ll want something to help guide you through uses, dilution ratios, etc. There are some amazing books and reference guides all about essential oils available on Amazon, Abundant Health, Life Science Publishing and other sources.

Check out The One Gift and D. Gary Young, The World Leader in Essential Oils from Young Living.

2. Diffusers

You got a diffuser with your essential oils kit. Let us give you some advice: One is NOT enough. You’ll want one in every room in the house, so you don’t have to shuffle it back and forth to different rooms all day. Get at least one more diffuser, or consider one for every room in your home. You may also want to get one for work or the car.

Check out all Young Living diffusers here.

3. Travel case

Get a mini travel case to bring your oils with you on the go (along with a car or USB diffuser. There are a variety of sizes – from mini travel cases to larger cases that can hold both 5 and 15 ml bottles.

Check out all Young Living display and travel cases.

4. Small bottles or vials

I always have a bunch of small bottles or vials on hand to share oils with friends and family. These bottles have a glass container, plastic orifice and cap. Just fill with the essential oil you want, screw on the orifice (this helps to control what comes out – just hold the bottle upside down and tap the bottom) and apply the top. I use these bottles to store my travel kit oils too.

5. Storage box or shelf

I like to store my essential oils in a storage box in my kitchen. I can reach for them easily whenever I need them, and it’s a great conversation piece when guests come over. I inevitably end up talking about essential oils with others.

6. Labels

Once you’ve figured out your storage solution, labels are a must-have. It’s hard to see the names of bottles in storage containers and cases. Labels that go on the top of the bottle are one of my time-saving tricks to essential oil organization. Young Living sells labels for 5 ml and 15 ml bottles. I also like these for those larger bottle as well as mini bottle labels I use for my travel kit.

7. Pipettes

A glass pipette is a great tool to have on hand to transfer oils (just pop off the plastic dropper on the bottle) from the 5 ml and 15 ml bottles to smaller sample bottles. I use pipette regularly when I make DIY beauty – just to make sure I’m using an accurate amount of essential oils with my recipes.

8. Roller Fitments

Believe me, once you start using essential oils you’ll start making homemade products. One of my favorite supplies to have on hand are roller fitments. Use 5 or 15 ml bottles and add a roller fitment to make any essential oil a roller ball bottle.

9. Lip balm containers

Make your own DIY lip balm in these inexpensive lip balm containers to give at the holidays, kids’ birthdays, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, welcome gifts, etc.

10. Deodorant containers

This DIY deodorant recipe is amazing. Use these deodorant containers (which are the perfect travel size) to make batches of deodorant for the whole family.

11. Small jars or containers

These half-pint glass Mason jars are a must-have item when you start with essential oils. You can fill them with homemade bath salts, diaper creamfacial scrub, and even to store carrier oils, such as coconut oil, in the bathroom.

12. Glass spray bottles

Carry a few of these mini glass spray bottles (4 ml) in your purse or backpack. Make your own hand cleaner and take it on the go. These larger spray bottles (8 oz) are perfect to make your own household cleaners.

13. Carrier oils

When you get started with essential oils, you’ll need to add a few carrier oils to your collection. Carrier oils help to dilute essential oils and distribute them to a wide surface area like the back. Get V-6 carrier oil blend from Young Living.

14. Beeswax

Use organic beeswax to make lip balm and diaper balm, or even add a little beeswax to DIY deodorant to make the consistency more like a solid.

15. Shea butter

Organic shea butter is a great addition – especially when making balms and creams that are ultra moisturizing.

16. Measuring cups and spoons

As you start making your own homemade beauty and personal care products, you’ll really need a separate set of measuring cups and spoons from what you already have in your kitchen. Beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil can be a little tough to take off, and it’s so much easier just to have a separate set.

17. Silicone molds

It’s easy to make your own soaps, lotion bars, and even essential-oil infused treats with silicone molds. Keep a few different sizes and shapes on hand, and use them as needed.

18. Vegetable capsules

Use these empty vegetable capsules to take Young Living Vitality oils internally. It’s a great option if you don’t like the taste of a Vitality oil.

19. Wool dryer balls

These wool dryer balls help to cut down on drying time and reduce wrinkles for laundry. Add a couple of drops of essential oils to one of the balls before each dryer load to infuse a fresh scent.

20. Diffuser necklace

One our favorite ways to diffuse on the go is with these diffuser necklaces.