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Be Your Own Wellness Champion

Got questions on how to use essential oils for specific health issues? We can help to direct you to the best resources to find the answers.

Here’s the thing… different oils work for different people. So if you ask us, “What oil works for XYZ health condition?”, we’re going to tell you that the best way to find out is to look it up for yourself and justĀ give it a try. You’ll find what you need, and over time you’ll see that your body is pretty intuitive about what to use.

If you want to get answers to specific health questions and issues, there are plenty of resources available to you:

Oil Testimonials – Got a quick about what oil to use for a certain health condition? Search this website for real Young Living testimonials. It’s one of my favorite resources.

Life Science Publishing – Looking for reference books or encyclopedias to help you figure out what oil to use for a certain health condition? Try this website and search for “reference”.

Essential Oils Reference App – Download this handy app to your iPhone or Android to look up essential oils for specific uses.