Essential Rewards

Who else gets excited when the Young Living box shows up at the door? We do!

Well, with Essential Rewards – you’d get a Young Living box at your door every month. Think of it like Stitch Fix, Birch Box, or Kiwi Crate – it’s a subscription box but instead of clothes or makeup, you’re getting a monthly box of wellness products AND you get to choose exactly what you want.

So here’s how it works – you enroll in the program in the Virtual Office. It’s a monthly $50 PV commitment and really so easy to make that when you make healthy swaps in your home with Young Living products.

For instance, you can get Thieves toothpaste, Thieves laundry soap, Thieves dishwasher detergent, ART skin care system, vitamins, protein powder, and, of course, more essential oils. You’re probably buying most of this anyway from Target, Wal-Mart or the health food store, but not getting anything back.

With Young Living, you’ll get 10-25% back in points for your purchases and discounted shipping. You can then redeem your points to get FREE products.

While you can join Essential Rewards (ER) at any time, I recommend joining Essential Rewards with your Premium Starter Kit as your first ER order (you will have this option as you create your account). When you use your Premium Starter Kit as your first order, you will get a minimum of $10 back in ER points and a free product.

Ordering on ER is the best way to save money and support your health consistently.

Watch this video

Gold leader Kristina Teaff shares more about Essential Rewards and what your monthly box might look like.

We recommend just giving it a try for at least 4 months so you can start earning 20% back (which you earn after your third month in the program) AND you’ll get a loyalty gift from Young Living too.

Enroll in Essential Rewards

1. Log into the Virtual Office and click Essential Rewards on the left navigation to enroll.

2. Click “Join Now” and then pick exactly what items you want to come in your ER – aka your monthly wellness box (this is the FUN part). You can easily look through the catalog OR search for products where the white bar is that says “product name or number”. Then click “Save Monthly Order”

3. Pick a date that you want your order to be delivered. You can change your date every month if you want! So if you need to wait until later in the month to have your order processed, you can change it. Or if you want to get your box ASAP, move it to the first of the month.

If you are wanting your order to go through this month, you need to make sure you pick a date PAST today. For example, when you are setting your ER up for the first time, if today was the 10th and you pick the 1st-9th, then your ER will be scheduled to process NEXT month.

Tips / Rules

  • You have until midnight the day that your order processes to change your order.
  • For wholesale members
  • You must place a 50PV minimum order
  • Be sure to double check your order the night that it processes to see if anything has gone out of stock. If things go OOS (out of stock), they won’t be included in your order.
  • To ensure your PV isn’t affected when things go out of stock, make sure to set up PV assistant! It is super easy and makes sure you don’t lose out on those freebies and discounts you want!
  • If something goes OOS and your order is less than 50pv minimum, it sets you back to “Month 1” status and you lose your tenure with ER. That’s why setting up PV assistant is great because you can add an extra shampoo, laundry detergent, lavender oil, hand soap, or anything you want that the system will automatically add to your cart if something goes OOS last minute. Don’t risk it – get PV assistant!