Supercharge your Wellness

Are you looking to improve and supercharge your wellness? Do you live in the Madrid, Spain, area? If so, join me!

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Are you looking to improve and supercharge your wellness?

Do you want to support your bodies digestion or immune system? Do you want to promote feelings of calm and relaxation while fighting off occasional nervous tension? Do you want to soothe your muscles after a tough workout or a long day on your feet?

Join me to learn about how essential oils can be implemented into your life to accomplish all these things and more. We will smell 12 different essential oils, chat about how they can help your wellness, and discuss the different ways to utilize essential oils.

This workshop will be at Tierra Burrito, near Alonso Martinez. The class is free to attend and will be taught in English. Bring a few euros if you’d like to share a pitcher of strawberry margaritas (super healthy, I know).

Date & Time
Date: 10/08/2018
Time: 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM
Venue: Tierra Burrito, Sagasta
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Heather Haines

My name is Heather. I am an English teacher in Madrid, Spain. I am embracing a life of adventure. I support my body and it's systems with nature's gift of essential oils. I choose to live a life of wellness, a life that is mine, and life that is happy.