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10 Tips For Sharing Oils


I’m sharing this from diamond Brittany Bollard… who I got to meet on the diamond trip this year. She’s amazing!

Ya know fear is probably our biggest set back. We are scared of rejection. What our friends will think. That we won’t be “good enough.”

What happens if you stop being afraid of the word NO. When you share wellness with others, you are helping them, bettering them.

If they say, “NO,” they aren’t saying NO to you, they are saying NO to wellness. And they don’t mean, “NO, NEVER.” They mean “NO, Not right now.”

Let go of the fear of NO. If this is your biggest setback, then you need to do some spiritual work on what is bringing up this fear of rejection.

Here are ways to share your passion for wellness and YL:

Carry your oils in your purse, pocket, diaper bag, gym bag, school bag, everywhere.

Rollers are great- but bring actual oils!! Valor is great for this because you can drop a couple drops in your hand and inhale, rub on your neck just while standing in line at the Post Office.

Roller sometimes look complicated, think of them as a Step 2. It’s nice for people to recognize YL as a brand, on your oil bottle.

Sign up your Mom first. Or your brother. Or your best friend. Definitely your boyfriend (NOT YOUR HUSBAND- we can’t have spouses sign up) because these people trust you most.

Keep them in your inner circle and bring them along with you on this journey. Sometimes the people we know best- we are scared to talk to about this. There’s no tip here- just do it. Sign them all up today.

Be vulnerable. You don’t have to pretend to know everything. Just show them where you can find answers.

Repeat after me, “that’s a great question. I’m not sure, let’s find out together.” This shows others they don’t have to know all the things to get started either.

Host classes. Facebook. Instagram. In person. One on one. Vendor events. Whatever works for you. Don’t judge what “works for you” after one or five times.

Make a 90 day plan to be consistent with it and then elvaluate. Same goes for no one showing up at a class. Do it again. And again. And again. And so on.

Stay true to your brand. Come up with 10 words that describe you (or who you are trying to be) Share accordingly. If you want your brand to be fun, creative, modern, etc. make sure what you are putting out there is consistent with that. People are buying you, not the product.

Tell a story. Don’t expect to throw out a graphic of an oil and say- “This is great. Buy it.” Ummmmm….no thanks. Show us.

Tell us how it changed your life, with a story! And sometimes just a picture is worth a thousand words. (And that’s when the picture is definitely not a graphic)

Get social. Join groups on Facebook that have nothing to do with oils. Sewing. Juicing. Parenting. Keto. Instapot. Whatever.

Talk about non oil things. Broaden your network. Then share when it feels appropriate. Bonus: you make new friends!!

Be teachable. How does this have anything to do with sharing? Easy. Find people you follow in real life or online that influence you in some way.

Maybe you always buy the shirt they suggest or read the book they reference. What is it about the way they are sharing that you love. Write it down. Practice it. Do it.

Be a product of the product. Try new things on your ER every month. Tried new a supplement? Tell people why!! Then follow up and tell them how much better your feel, or what it’s done for you.

Ordered a new lip gloss, share a photo of your dress for the wedding this weekend it pairs with great. Then tag it again when you post a photo of you wearing it.

Use YL lifestyle products, cleaning products, fitness, beauty, etc. We are a wellness company- not just oils. Share about all of it.

Be your best self. Huh? Easy, what are you really really good at? Your super power. Well that’s how we do this damn thing…we share our life with oils sprinkled in.

You take what you are good at and you hold onto it. Maybe you are a teacher- duh classes are gonnna be your jam. Maybe you’re a mama- tell us all the mom hacks.

Maybe you are training for a marathon—- omg the tricks you are going to have to beat your record!!! Find what you are really good at, and make it your left hook.

And above all else, be unapologetically, authentically you. Because you are pretty freaking great.

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