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30 Days of Social Media Posts

So you want to share on social media more and talk about oils or your YL business like we recommend (1 in every 5 posts). But what do you post about?

Here are 30 days of social media posts you can do, Monday-Friday. This is just a guide, feel free to mix and match.

But do you see how easy it is to share your story, your life, you and stick with your personal brand (remember those are the 3-5 topics you want to be known for – in my case that’s real food/gluten free food, natural living, minimalism, travel/freedom) and include random photos of you and your family because that’s part of your brand too.

So remember with most of these post a picture. Use your smartphone and take a good picture and use an app like PicTapGo or ColorStory to make that photo look amazing. Don’t underestimate the power of filters.

Here are some sample posts you can do for 30 days!

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Post a throwback photo of you with a story
  3. Share a tip about something you do well – align this with your personal brand
  4. Tag someone you’re inspired by and tell a story
  5. Share 5 things you love right now – talk about oils, post a photo of an oil next to your diffuser
  6. Ask a fill in the blank question
  7. Show your kitchen and tell a story
  8. Share something you love about your spouse or significant other
  9. Introduce your kids or pets
  10. Share oils that your kids or pets cannot do without (talk about sleep, focus and concentration, etc.)
  11. Share a resource or app that you love
  12. List 3 things you’re grateful for
  13. Share one thing you cannot live without
  14. Ask your followers if they prefer this or that
  15. Give a mini lesson on something you do well – FB live video would be great here (maybe a DIY tutorial with oils)
  16. Show your workspace and tell a story
  17. Post a quote that inspires you
  18. Share a book you read recently and what you learned
  19. Give a shout-out to a local business that you love (e.g. healthy restaurant, non-profit)
  20. Talk about why you started your business
  21. Talk about a new hobby or passion (not oils related – cooking, fitness, travel, etc.)
  22. Share something you recently splurged on
  23. Share real talk – your messy life, happy kids in school – something vulnerable but relatable)
  24. Ask a fill in the blank question
  25. Share your oily daily routine
  26. Share what you did over the weekend.
  27. Post a funny photo and ask people to “caption this”
  28. Share an article that fits your brand – article on chemicals in the home, toxic ingredients inside makeup, etc.
  29. Cross-promote your other social media networks – let people know where to find you on Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  30. Share a tip or how-to in a Facebook live (focus on something related to oils)

Remember to keep your posts FDA compliant.