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Above The Wellness Line Protocol

Above the Wellness Line Protocol

Here’s how we STAY WELL and support our bodies when they need some extra love.

We talked about some of this in our Essential Prepping call but wanted to list it out here too.


These suggestions are for adults. For children, follow proper dilution and safety guidelines.

You are the keeper of your health and body. If you decide to use less, great! If you want to use more, great!

Adjust recipes as needed. If you need to add more carrier oil, add more carrier oil.

We use these tricks as often as we need them. That may mean once a day or 10 times a day.


Thieves is your first line of defense and offense. If you’re WELL, you can dilute 1:4 and put on the bottom of your feet twice a day to boost immunity.

If you are not well, do the feet as above but do it every couple of hours and diffuse at least three times a day.

Adults can put 1 drop inside cheeks and under tongue every few hours. You can also put a drop in some honey and swallow.

Thieves Tea (amazing for immunity and soothes throats):
1 drop Thieves + 2 drops Lemon + 1 tsp honey + hot water … so yummy!


Lavender is great for noses – rub it neat (undiluted) on the bridge of your nose and the bottom of your toes (reflex points for sinus areas). For a runny nose, rub under nostrils.


Rub Purification (can also add lemon if you won’t be in the sun) 1:1 on your neck to help with drainage and to soothe throats.

Also great for ear health – put a little on a cotton ball and rub around outside of ear.

You can rest the cotton ball outside of ear while sleeping for added impact. Never put oils directly in your ears!


Peppermint is great for loosening up gunk and when you’re feeling hot. Dilute 1:4 and rub over sinuses and chest.

For feeling hot, dilute by about half and you can put on back of neck, down spine, and armpits, behind knees, around navel, and on soles of feet.

Continue to repeat every 15 to 30 minutes or so until you’re cool.


This can be rubbed on the chest or diffused to help with respiratory support.

If you have RC Oil, that is better.Use it the same way.

Dilute oil according to ratio on the bottle.

Seriously, this is my GO TO with RC or Raven for a homemade chest rub for my kids.Sometimes I add Frank too.


Lemon can also be diffused to help a noisy night. Put a drop or two in water and drink several times a day for an immunity boost.

This can also be used diluted 1:1 behind ears and down jawline to lymph nodes to help with drainage.


This is great for body aches and pains. Dilute 1:4 and rub on painful areas. Top it off with peppermint and copaiba for added impact.


Digize can be used to support any tummy issue. Rub diluted on entire belly area. We also like it in a veggie capsule topped with carrier oil.

Seriously, DiGize is my BFF. We have bottles in every room because tummy issues are a regular thing around here.


Great to support quiet nights and those who love to breathe! We rub it on our chests 1:1 and diffuse.


Also great for respiratory and overall immune support. We take a drop (or more) under the tongue or in Ningxia daily.


All. The Ningxia. You. Need. We all drink this.


3 drops Thieves, 3 drops Lemon, 3 drops Frankincense, 3 drops Oregano, in a veggie capsule topped with carrier oil.

(Olive oil or coconut oil is what I use) You can adjust this as needed. Start with 1 drop each, or use more. You are the boss.


Too lazy to make your own? Take Inner Defense capsules from YL. We take a few a day when we need extra support.

We take 5 capsules 5 times a day for intense intense support.


Love these chewable tablets!

They have a blend of immune-supporting Ningxia wolfberry polysaccharides, a blend of reishi, maitake, and agaricus blazei mushroom powders (super powerful antioxidants) and melatonin to help with sleep (because your body does major recovery while you’re sleeping).

It also has zinc and seleniumwhich both support the immune system too!


We take tons of Super C when we need support. I give this to my 3 year old as well. Every hour until loose stools – then stop. We double UP on this when we’re not at the wellness line.


Just a scoop of this powder into a large glass of water can be used to replace amino acids and electrolytes.

It’s great for people who workout (helps with muscle recovery) AND it’s amazing when you need to get back up to the wellness line due to fluid loss.

It helps to replenish important minerals and amino acids.
So when the kids are feeling hot and don’t want to eat or drink, this is what I give them to keep their fluids up.


This is a set of 9 oils in a kit – including Valor, Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Marjoram, Wintergreen, Aroma Siez, and Peppermint.

These are both hot and cool oils that help with muscles + staying above the wellness line (go look it up… WOW).

Check out the Essential Oils Pocket Reference + for info on how to do the technique and why these oils are so good!


Write up from Taylor Quigg

We had a very noisy night on Monday. Dylan could not fall asleep and it also resulted in me being up with her from 4-6am.

She couldn’t settle herself. We propped her up, did honey with oils, humidifier, all the things.

I did some research that night and found that the fastest way to the lungs is through the rectum.

So I ordered a suppository mold kit off Amazon to get those lungs supported!

We used them last night and again tonight, no noise at all. I woke up this morning and couldn’t believe she slept through the night!!!

How to make them:

Add oils to mold, melt coconut oil over low heat, add to mold tray, freeze for like 20 mins. Insert suppository!
I did a few drops of each.

We have been using oils for almost 3 years, so I use the oils very loosely with the kids.

A few things, if the child poops right away after inserting it, that’s good!! That is helping to rid the bug from the body!

You can insert another. If they don’t poop it out, great! That means their body is starting to heal itself.

Idaho Blue Spruce & Cypress are tree oils, tree oils are soooooo good for the lungs.

Melissa, please research this oil, there is so much I can’t say. It’s freaking amazing for immune system support

Digize, great for breaking up mucous and helping relieve stress on the lungs.”

Suppository Mold Tray:
Huge thanks to RCD Annie Hauser for compiling this list. I added some of my own too!

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