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Ancient Oils of Scripture – Scroll + Learn

Want to learn more about the Ancient Oils of the Bible set?


Check out this scroll + learn class all about the Ancient Oils of the Bible set.

I love ️this class because it shows how to use these ancient oils for modern times – like eye serum, moisturizer, respiratory support, immune support and more!

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Long, long ago, our ancestors innately knew that there was something far more precious than gold to be collected.

Something that reached and affected us as humans – mind, body, and soul.

Something that is every bit as relevant and important for us now, in modern times. Essential oils.

This wisdom has been all-but-lost on modern society, but it’s not completely forgotten.

There is a collection, with bottles wrapped in gold, and smells that transport you back to ancient times, that allow us to reconnect to some of that wisdom.

These bottles were our ancestor’s first natural remedies. New is not always better. Sometimes we had it right in the first place.

Our ancestors knew that body, mind, and spirit were not fragmented pieces that could be addressed and restored individually.

They knew that they were one. Physical ailments were seen for what they are, an energetic imbalance that had gone unhealed and was now presenting itself in the physical body.

They understood that our mindset and how we frame our experiences and honor our truth directly impacts our wellbeing, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well.

They chose to reach for a remedy that addressed them both energetically and cellularly, to support their entire being – mind, body, and soul. Essential oil.

The Oils of Ancient Scripture Collection brings together 10 incredibly versatile and powerful oils that were used long ago and were referenced again and again in the Bible.

We know that too many people either leave these collections on the shelf, or don’t get them at all, because they simply don’t know how they’d use them in their everyday life.

Well, we are here to share with you some really powerful ways to use these oils every single day.

Let’s get those bottles out, unlock the mystery of this incredible collection and start infusing them into our lives. Let’s live out the wisdom our ancestors have left us.


Fragrance: the bright, earthy smell of resin

Found in: 3 Wise Men, Abundance, Egyptian Gold, almost every YL face product

Probably best known as one of the oils gifted to Baby Jesus at his birth, this oil is incredibly high in sesquiterpenes!

That’s basically a super long word for a constituent that delivers oxygen molecules to cells (super important), can cross the blood-brain-barrier (so your brain LOVES it), and can erase or deprogram glitches in your DNA codes.

Um, yeah. So, Frankincense is high in Sesquiterpenes and is like magic for your cells!

It is the perfect cocktail of all the various “terpenes” that support the brain, lungs, immune function, cellular health, skin, and mood.

When in doubt, get Frank out. Get this on your face, get it on your body, get it in your diffuser, and huff it out of the bottle at any chance. It is GOLD.


Fragrance: a deep, earthy resin scent

Found in: 3 Wise Men, Abundance, Exodus ii, The Gift, Mineral Sunscreen, Lotion

Another oil that is pure gold, high in sesquiterpenes, and was also a gift to baby Jesus.

Myrrh is mentioned in one of the oldest known medical records, The Ebers Papyrus (from 16th century BC) as well as the highly regarded Hildegard’s Medicine from the 11th century AD.

It is an oil I will always stay stocked up on. Your skin, immune system, teeth, and gums NEED this oil!

The constituents in this oil support your body’s’ natural inflammatory response and soothes nearly ALL things skin related!

It’s one I slathered on my belly during pregnancies and applied to my new babies at birth. New mamas – this oil is gorgeous applied to umbilical cord stumps.

Storytime: After an awful accident that left one side of my face *incredibly* swollen, this is the oil I applied to my cheek and jaw.

I watched as my face became nearly symmetrical over the course of an hour or so.

I also applied it “down yonder” after labor and couldn’t believe the difference it made!


Fragrance: smooth, rich, and woody

Found in: 3 Wise Men, Abundance, Exodus ii, The Gift, Mineral Sunscreen, Lotion

Aloes is the fancy schmancy way of saying Sandalwood. haha It’s another high sesquiterpene oil that stimulates the pineal gland and the limbic region of the brain, the center of emotions.

It encourages deep sleep, immune function, is grounding, stabilizing, and so beautiful for the skin.

A 5ml bottle of Sandalwood is just under $100 when purchased individually, so this oil is such a good deal in this kit!


Fragrance: A sweet, warm smell, reminiscent to cinnamon

Found in: Red Shot, Exodus ii, and Endogize

You cannot get this oil anywhere other than this kit, and, people, you need this!

Ever wonder why RedShot tastes SO GOOD? Well, it has cassia in it. If there were a cassia vitality, I’d totally add it to warm water and drink it as tea!

It supports healthy blood sugar levels (hello red shot in your Ningxia), good for eye health, and heart health too!

It smells like cinnamon but a little sweeter (the constituents are very different), which makes it amazing in those diffuser recipes!!



Fragrance: Mildly sweet, like a cross between pine and eucalyptus

Found in: Breathe Again Roll-On, EndoFlex, JuvaTone, R.C., SniffleEase, Thyromin

Myrtle is an incredibly gentle, but incredibly effective, oil for respiratory support (read: perfect for little ones!) and is also amazing support for the thyroid.

With all of the hormone disrupters and toxins in our environment, our thyroids can use all the support they can get!

Interestingly, when I first found out I was dealing with autoimmune thyroid issues, my daughter was dealing with asthma.

Needless to say, this became a staple early on as we began our healing journey!

HYSSOPFragrance: Like a very sweet eucalyptus

Found in: Awaken, Egyptian Gold, Exodus II, Relieve It

This is one of my favorite oils to rub on my chest to clear things up! I apply it along with Myrtle, per the advice of Gary Young to my mom years ago.

I started using this on my daughter when she was a baby and was struggling with uncontrollable asthma, which meant breathing treatments multiple times a day, and several uses of the rescue inhaler.

Within a few weeks of hyssop and myrtle together, she stopped using the inhaler altogether. Coincidence?

It is a respiratory superhero on its own, but the two combined are a total powerhouse! Hyssop is also great for stimulating creativity and meditation, as well as releasing swallowed emotions.


Fragrance:Distinct, fresh smell similar to pine, but a bit earthier

Found in: AromaLife, AromaSiez, CardioGize, Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil, R.C.

Holy mother of the lymphatic system, circulation, and all the emotional support!!! This is one of our favorite oils when coughs are circulating through our home.

Incredible to use heading into summer to help your body shed excess fluids, great for “that time of the month”, and promotes optimal liver function.

When it comes to emotions, this oil supports us as we move through trauma, is incredibly grounding, calms, soothes anger, and generally helps life flow better. Get this oil on your body, peeps.

Put it in your diffuser. Do a thirty-day challenge where you buy a 15ml bottle and use the entire thing by the end of the month!!


Fragrance:rich and earthy

Found in: Grounding, Highest Potential, Brain Power

Throughout the ages, cedarwood has been used in medicines. It is incredibly high in sesquiterpenes, which means our brains will quickly begin to crave this oil and the support it brings!

Amazing for the skin, calming for an overactive mind, and perfect for cleansing and enhancing circulation to the scalp (oh, hey, thick and lustrous hair!), it’s definitely one to incorporate into the bedtime routine.

Easing the tension of the mind, body, and soul, and purifying as it goes, is cedarwood’s specialty.

FUN FACT: Have you ever looked at the branches of a tree and noticed how it mimics the bronchial passages of the lungs?

Well, it turns out, our respiratory system loves tree oils. Nature is always leaving us hints.


Fragrance: a resiny, cinnamon-inspired smell with some earthy and bright notes

Admittedly, before doing my research to create this class, I had opened the bottle from my kit but never used it.

Historically this has been used to purify and cleanse.

In the Bible it was used by Moses to make sure the area used for sacrifices was free of disease, cleansed and purified.

An onycha tincture use to be used in hospitals to cleanse, as well.

So, clearly, this oil is all about cleansing and purifying, which applies energetically too.

Emotionally, this oil helps to dispel the feeling of “terror.” Definitely a great one to have on hand!


Fragrance: A very bright resiny smell with a hint of honey

This oil is also known as “rock rose” and it has been studied for its effects on the regeneration of cells. Think SKIN.

While researching for this class, my friend decided to try it on a recurring stress rash around her mouth.

In ONE application it was nearly gone. BOOM! Cistus also supports the sympathetic nervous system, which governs our fight or flight action.

Basically, this one is a great one to reach for during times of stress. So, if you are under stress (and maybe that stress shows up on your skin) this oil is for you!

Okay, so you’ve seen how incredibly versatile and powerful these 10 oils are.

It’s so important to put what you’ve learned here to practice, so be sure to click the link and print this out to keep with your oils! Seriously, print it out right now.

It’s loaded with our favorite recipes for WELLNESS, BEAUTY, and SPIRITUALITY.

When your beauty products use essential oils that came on the scene millennia ago and are bringing support at a cellular level, you know this isn’t your average DIY beauty treatment!

There isn’t a single recipe here I don’t recommend you trying immediately!

These oils are not just for the mind and body, but also for the spirit.

The beautiful diffuser blends here are to use alongside your prayer, journaling, meditation, and/or yoga.

They are meant to be used in order as you dive deeper into your spirituality, but always trust your intuition and go with what speaks to your soul.

We have saved the best for last. You know SO much about each of these oils now.

How to apply them to your everyday life, what makes them so awesome, some recipes to use them in, and how they are incredible for your mind, body, and soul.

We felt it was important to have a simple way to use them ALL with the intention to support the WHOLE person, so we put together a very simple protocol!


Take a few deep breaths to calm your mind, ground yourself and get connectedSay “I am present, I am whole, I am connected” as you apply each oil, one at a time, intuitively.

**To apply intuitively simply means to ask yourself where that oil should be applied. You’ll know because it will be the first place that comes to mind or wherever your hand goes.

Learning to apply oils intuitively, or even choose oils intuitively, can revolutionize how you oil. Always trust your intuition.


Make a Goldendrops Roll-On with 5ml of each oil from the oils of ancient scripture collection in a 5ml roll-on topped off with carrier oil and apply intuitively as you say “I am present. I am whole. I am connected.”

You can’t put a value on any of this, but if we *were* to put a value on it, it is a WHOLE LOT of bang for your buck!!!! We broke it down for y’all in this graphic.

See that plus sign next to the SAVINGS and COST? Onycha and Cassia are unavailable outside of the kit, so who can even put a price on those?

Even without taking those two into account, you’re saving almost $60 by getting the kit versus the individual oils!

Truly, these ancient oils are golden. It’s time for us all to get golden!!!



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