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Class in a Box + Class Scripts – Teach Your Own Oils Class

Did you know you can start sharing oils even before you get your starter kit? Why would you do that? Well, you’re excited about trying out your oils and chances are you have friends and family members who want to jump in too.

So why not get them started too?! You’ll get a $50 thank you check from Young Living for each friend who gets a starter kit – so you could get your kit paid for before you even get yours in the mail.

Ways to Share Oils with Friends + Family

1. In-Person

You could text a couple of friends and invite them over for coffee. Use our basic script in a casual way that’s perfect to use even BEFORE you get your kit. This works really well for 1:1s too.

Once you get your starter kit, you could invite friends over and do a class. It could be as small as 2-3 people or 10+. It’s all up to you. This script is short and simple and leaves plenty of room to infuse your own voice to it. It’s got bullet points to help you cover the key parts.

If you have more than 5 people coming or internet connection is spotty, you may want to print out these Paper Enrollment Forms so it’s easier for attendees to order a kit. You can then input the information later when you have time at a computer and send the login information to those who enroll.

Be sure to check out the Class Invite Samples (with photos you can use too). Use the wording to create Facebook events, send a text to a friend, set up on Eventbrite, etc.

Get all class scripts, class invites, paper enrollment forms here

Get more in-person workshop and class ideas here.

2. Virtual Class

Teach a virtual class at home solo or with members on your team or crossline friends. I suggest putting the more experienced person as the closer. Use the basic essential oils script.

You can get a free Zoom account. Just remember it’s only for 40 minutes so you might have to cut down your presentation as needed. Or you can get a Zoom account through Young Living (use password: workinglive) with unlimited minutes and up to 500 people per call.

3. Collaborate with a Group

Teach a virtual class with a group of people on your team or crossline. Just divvy up the basic essential oils script. We’ve found it works well when each person talks about why they started with oils + 3-4 oils from the kit they love. Then each person works through the script, such as what are oils, 3 ways to use oils (aromatic, topical, internal), why Young Living and Seed to Seal, and introduction to the starter kit).

4. Plug and Play Video

Not ready to teach a class on your own? Invite friends over and just play this video. Pause at the end of each one and add your testimonials. We’ve had many members enroll friends and family with this plug and play class.

5. One-on-One

You could text or call someone who you know would benefit from oils – maybe they need better sleep or their kids need some immune support. Tell them you’re just getting started with oils and know they would love them. Set up a time for a 1:1 in-person or even phone conversation to catch up. Focus on the relationship and THEIR needs. And when the time is right talk about how oils have helped you. Use your OWN testimonials.

6. Social Media

You could reach out to a friend on Facebook or Instagram and see how they’re doing. Focus on the relationship. Don’t come out and immediately ask if they need oils. Find a NEED – maybe their kid isn’t sleeping or bouncing off the walls. Reach out and relate to them – say you’ve been there too. Let the conversation go back and forth. And then mention how oils have helped your kid.

You can also post about oils on your personal Facebook timeline. Be authentic and relatable. If you don’t know what to post, here’s are some prompts that can help you. View the Social Media Challenge.

Here are a couple of posts you can do TODAY that will help to get you some interaction:
I pour water and 3 drops of magic liquid into a machine and press ONE button and my kid goes from bouncing off the walls to sound asleep in a matter of 10 minutes.

Why doesn’t everyone want this?!


Sleep is such a struggle for me. It’s been like this for years to the point I just got used to it. But just the other night I started using this magical liquid and pressed ONE button and I went to sleep in minutes. I got the best sleep I can remember! Now it’s going on 4 days and I still can’t believe how much sleep I’ve been getting. WIN!

7. Instagram + Facebook Stories

Have you checked out Instagram or Facebook stories? If you don’t know what this is, go to do a Google search and check it out.

It’s a great way to share a snippet of video, collection of photos, etc. to your friends and followers. AND it’s a great way to do a mini class on essential oils too. I created 2 sets of photos that you can use as a class in a box for Instagram or Facebook Stories. Post them 1-2 times a month to keep teaching new people about oils. View Instagram + Facebook Stories Graphics.

There are 2 sets of photos that go with these posts.

1. Free for anyone to use

2. ORD graphics – these are stock images from Oil Revolution Design – be sure you have an active account with to use the photos.

Or you can create your own graphics with these text below. Save the photos as a 9:16 ratio for use on Instagram and Facebook Stories.

8. Spanish 101 Class

101 Class Script in Spanish

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