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Class Invite Sample (with Photos)

Want to host an essential oils 101 class in-person or online but need help with the invitation? We’ve got you covered! Now you can change up the invite but generally here’s one that we use often…


We suggest creating a public event on Facebook. You could even post on Eventbrite, or text to your friends so they know about it. Don’t forget to remind your friends and family to come a week before and 1 day before the event.


Use a nice photo for the invitation ( is a great place to go for free photos) or use one of these royalty-free photo. Pretty lifestyle shots – doing something – tend to get more eyeballs.

Just think would this catch my eye? Here are some royalty-free photos you can use:


Come up with a fun name for the class – think what would a magazine cover do? Essential Oils 101 probably isn’t going to attract a lot of attention.


  •  5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter
  • Natural Solutions Workshop
  • Natural Solutions for Busy Families
  • Rose + Rollers (like the wine rose)
  • Ditch the Candles Workshop
  • Homemade Skin Care Workshop
  • Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies + Kids Workshop

Just think… would I want to attend this?


So here’s the deal… you can change up the title and even the theme but ALWAYS do an essential oils 101 class. Stick with the 12 oils in the premium starter kit and how to get a wholesale membership.

For example, with a Rose + Rollers Workshop, sip on rose and talk about the PSK and make 3-4 rollers with the PSK oils and talk about how they help with mood support, sleep, etc.

For a Homemade Skin Care Workshop, talk about the PSK oils and how they all help to support skin – even with digestion and stress. Make a few DIY skin care goodies like a facial serum or bath salts (look for DIY recipes in the files section of this group).

Do you see where I’m going with this? ALL the workshops tie back to the PSK and get a wholesale membership.

The basic flow for a class is this:

  • Welcome
  • Your story + why you started with oils
  • What are oils
  • Why YL
  • 3 ways to use oils (aromatic, topical, internal)
  • PSK and why it rocks
  • 12 oils of the kit + goodies – weave in the DIY or make and take items here
  • Raffle (collect contact info – great way to see who wants to host a class)
  • Talk about PSK deal, ER and how to sign up

See our class scripts and even a demo class here.


Stay focused on your personal stories with the oils. You don’t need to know all the science and facts. Just share your stories and how to get signed up.

Now if you’re doing a workshop for the community to build your contact list and the goal of the class is not to get PSK signups but rather get emails and phone numbers, then check out these Workshop and Class Ideas.


In-person events are always the best… even if it’s just 2-3 people around your kitchen table and there are kids running around. It’s relatable and fun!

But if in-person is not possible (friends don’t live local) then do an online event. I HIGHLY recommend doing it via video like Zoom or Skype. Facebook classes could work as well but do Facebook live videos rather than posts.

If you’re doing an online class for people not local to you, consider doing a Mini Kit Class Experience. 



Curious about essential oils?

Join us for this online workshop where we’ll walk you through the basics of essential oils + natural solutions for busy moms and families.

You’ll learn how to:

👉get better sleep
👉support your immune system
👉ditch chemicals in the home + clean naturally
👉support your digestion (like when you eat too much pizza)
👉help you chill out at the end of the day (we got kids too 😉)
👉help you focus when you need to get things done
👉and so much more!

Who is this workshop for? Anyone who wants to learn about essential oils + natural solutions.

Who’s teaching this workshop? Join me and an amazing group of women who have been there like you… we all needed help with immune support, digestion, sleep, emotional support… and we found the solution. And we want to share it with you!

It will be so much fun! And there may be some fun surprises too so don’t miss out!

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