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Core 5 Album

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These are the 5 core supplements that EVERY member should know about.

Why? Because these 5 core supplements are the foundation for a healthy gut (digestion) +immune system.

Everything from skin issues to asthma to allergies to even mood issues start in the gut.

Think of it like this… you got your starter kit of oils right? There are 12 oils in that starter kit but there are over 200 oils and blends from YL.

It’s overwhelming to learn about all of them so YL put together the most versatile set of oils in the starter kit.

Well, these 5 core supplements are the same. This is your starter kit of supplements that will help you to feel better, get better digestion, better stool, more energy, support hormones, support the gut and immune system and so much more!

Encourage your members to try them for 2-3 months and you’ll feel the difference.

Remember oils and supplements aren’t a magic pill – this is a lifestyle change and it can take months to undo what took years to take a toll on the body.

Swipe through for graphics/photos you can use in social media and for texts.

Or if you want to get the Core 5 Supplements Challenge on your phone just text the keyword CORE to 442-287-0068.

You’ll get a 5-day text series that breaks down ALL the supplements in the Core 5.

You can even import the text class bundle from Project Broadcast so the text comes from YOU: B1k_6P1nN.






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