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Get Your Kit Paid For

Are you new around here?

Did you know that we have a “Mission: Pay Off Your Kit?” Challenge?

Once you start using your oils, your friends will totally start asking you about them. Trust me. It’s cray.

When they do, you can help them grab their kit with your own link & YL will send you $50 ($65 if you’re Canada/Australia) as a thank you. Its crazy fun to learn about oils with your friends!

People actually pay off their kit ALL the time! & then get their monthly oil orders paid for every month after that

Here’s all the info on how to pay it off

Image #1 is for you to read
Images #2-6 are for you to post
Image #7 is for you to send privately to the person who is signing up.

Hook 3 friends up and BOOM you got your kit paid for!










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