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How to Share Your Sign-Up Link

Share Oils with Friends + Family

Did you know that you can share your sign-up link with friends and family so they can get their own premium starter kit?

Yes! It’s the best way to share oils – which will get delivered to them directly. You don’t have to be that person who orders and then deals with the shipping and delivers to them.

Does this mean you have to “sell” or “teach classes”…nope! But…please be sure to plug them into our Facebook group so they have access to support, classes and education.

And if you do want to teach classes or learn how to share on social media so others will come to you to ask for oils, check out our Class in a Box.

If you would like to learn how to share, contact us and we’ll get you plugged into our amazing resources to teach you everything you’ll need to know. Whether it’s sharing with several friends every couple of months, a desire to get your oils paid for, or to create and build a business…we’re here to help!

You’ll receive a $50 bonus for every premium starter kit you share with a friend and . the potential for ongoing commission (get your oils paid for every month).

How to create a sign-up link

  1. Get the member ID and use the link builder in OilyTrends. It will create a long link that can be used or keep going to step 2 to create a shortened one.
  2. OPTIONAL: Use the long link from OilyTrends and create a shortened, personal one with For example, mine looks like this:

Share Oils with Friends + Family

When you start using your oils, you’ll want to share them with family and friends. Because when you genuinely love something, your friends will want to know how they can get it too.

And here is what is so amazing… it’s not about knowing everything about oils. None of us are experts. It’s about knowing how oils work for YOU and sharing that. And we have so many great resources to help you.

Once you create your own sign-up link, share it with friends and family so they can get their own premium starter kit. Easy peasy.

Here are more resources to help you…

Check out our entire knowledge base for more tips!

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