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How to Teach an Essential Oils Class

Want to see how to teach an essential oils 101 class?

Check out this video with Gold leaders Chelsea Gray, Stacey Cooke, Alison Van Horn, and Crown Diamond leader Tracey Black.

We are just teaching with the premium starter kit and the desert mist diffuser. That’s it. So easy right?

ANYONE can do this. Just watch and see how we share our stories, our passion, tips for using oils.

What’s it’s NOT about:

  • The perfect presentation (that’s not real life)
  • The perfect set-up
  • Having a ton of products, supplies, etc.
  • Knowing all the facts on oils
  • Being salesy

What it IS about:

  • Being real.
  • Being authentic
  • Caring for others
  • Sharing how YOU use oils
  • Showing them how to get started – share your sign up link

That is what makes this business so special. It’s YOU!

I hope you can see that anyone can do this.

  • The stay-at-home mom
  • The military mom
  • The working mom
  • The special needs mom
  • The 3-kids-under-3 mom (aka hot mess mom)
  • No kids
  • Still in college
  • Working full time or part time
  • Not working
  • Retired
  • Empty nester

Just watch this video and go share oils with your friends and family. Show them this video or teach your own class or have a 1:1 over coffee.

Share about oils. Imagine how you felt when you first started using oils. You were probably like WHY didn’t anyone tell me about this sooner? That’s how your friends feel too.

So can you just share this video with others? Yes, you could. But here’s the thing… they don’t know us. They’ll learn from you. So you could show it but why not have a viewing party with them and ask them questions and then share YOUR testimonials with the oils.

So just get out there and do it. We believe in you.

Watch the Video

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