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How to Teach an Introduction to the YL Business Class

Want to share the business with others? Want to show to teach the basics of the Young Living business opportunity?

This is SO EASY. Anyone can do it. The format focuses on your story and why you got started with the business and then you just plug and play a video where we do the teaching. Easy button!


1. Schedule a date to the class in-person or via Zoom.

2. Invite friends, family and members to join you for the class.

3. Send reminders before the class to join.

4. Whether it’s in-person or via Zoom, start the class by sharing why YOU started the Young Living business. Maybe it was to get your oils paid for. Maybe it was to earn a side income. Maybe it was accidental because you shared with a friend and got a paycheck that made you see the potential of the business. Keep it to about 2-3 minutes. You can even invite 2-3 leaders to share their why business story too.

5. Play one or both of these videos (30 min each):

Why Get Started with a Young Living Business:

How to Get Started with a Young Living Business:

(This is another good one from Kimmy Brooke – wife of Richard Bliss Brooke who wrote the 4-Year Career:

You can play the videos via the Zoom app on the computer (share your screen and play the video from YouTube) or even share the link ahead of time, pause the Zoom and let them watch it.

6. After the video is done answer questions and help with next steps… like helping them co-host their first class.


You can get a free Zoom account at Just remember it’s only for 40 minutes so you might have to cut down your presentation as needed.

Or you can get a Zoom account through Young Living with unlimited minutes and up to 500 people per call. Click on this link to get Zoom through YL: (use password: workinglive).

Follow these instructions

  • Click the Sign Up option
  • Select your plan—monthly or annual?
  • Complete the requested payment information (If you already have a Zoom account, use the same email associated with that account)
  • Receive the invitation from Zoom ( to activate
  • Within 24 hours your account is activated or upgraded if you already have a Zoom account
  • Log in to your Zoom profile to see the activation or upgrade

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