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Just Got Your Kit? Start Here

Getting Started with Essential Oils

Welcome to our oily tribe! We’re the Let’s Be Frank Essentials team!

If you’re new to oils and our team, start here to get the basics…

1. Join our online community

We have 2 members-only exclusive Facebook groups:

Your upline may have Facebook groups for you to join as well. Connect with them to find out. We suggest joining 1 oily usage and 1 team group to start.

2. Tune into our weekly classes

We have weekly classes exclusively in the Let’s Be Frank Oily Chat group. Be sure to see the full schedule of upcoming online classes here.

3. Unbox your premium starter kit

Learn how to use your new premium starter kit with this video by crown diamond Tracey Black. We’ll share a lot of tips and tricks to get the most out of your kit and save money.

Got more questions about how to use oils or about Young Living products? Check out the Young Living FAQs (frequently asked questions).

4. How to reorder and use the Virtual Office

Now that you’re a member, let’s give you a tour of the Virtual Office. You’ll need to know how to use the Virtual Office, which we often call the VO, so you can reorder products and do so much more. It’s a really robust system so we want to be sure you know how to use it.

You’ll learn how to reorder, how to check the status of an order, how to update your shipping address, what’s in Member Resources, how to use live chat and much more!

Watch this video by Gold leader Stacey Cooke.

5. Why you need Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards is a monthly subscription box where you can choose what you want and earn 10-25% back in points. Those points can be used to get free products from Young Living.

Watch this video by Gold leader Kristina Teaff.

6. Get FREE shipping with YL Go and YL Go+

Now that you know more about Essential Rewards… let’s tell you one of the BEST perks. Do you love Amazon Prime? Well, Young Living has its own free shipping program with YL Go and YL Go+.

$59 annual subscription for your monthly shipment to ship for free. You’ll get 13 total shipments annually (12 ER shipments plus one BONUS shipment for a Quick Order.).

YL Go Plus
$129 annual subscription for your monthly shipment + 24 flexible shipments. You’ll get 36 shipments annually (12 ER orders ship + 24 extra free shipping orders via Quick Order each month).


  • Overnight shipping upgrade is $10 per order. (YOU GUYS that is insane. I’ve paid $79.99 for overnight shipping in a real pinch before.)
  • Hawaii + Alaska + APO/FPO/DPO (military) households are eligible. Shipping timelines will be longer and product restrictions may apply.
  • US and Hong Kong only. Read all the FAQs here.
  • Enroll in YL Go

7. Share Oils with Friends + Family

When you start using your oils, you’ll want to share them with family and friends. Because when you genuinely love something, your friends will want to know how they can get it too.

And here is what is so amazing… it’s not about knowing everything about oils. None of us are experts. It’s about knowing how oils work for YOU and sharing that. And we have so many great resources to help you.

First, create your own sign-up link so your friends can use that to get their own premium starter kit. And then plug them into our Facebook community (we posted the links to the Let’s Be Frank groups above) or this website. Help your friends learn how to use their oils and show them how they can share oils too.

Check out our entire knowledge base for more tips!