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Mini Kit Post


Are you curious about the mini kit experience but aren’t sure how to do it?

Join me and some AWESOME leaders on this team as we collaborate on these Mini Kit Experience Workshops!

You can join in and learn how to do it, so you can do it on your own!

AND you can invite people to join in (people who don’t have oils yet), you send them the mini kit samples, and we teach the class. BOOM! So easy!

I’ve personally done a few mini kit workshops with my newer builders and had HUGE success – like both they and I had sign-ups from it.

But it’s not just about the class itself. It’s YOU and the follow up. After the class, you do the follow up. Ask how they liked the class and the oils.

And talk UP our community and our resources… like the text classes, Zoom calls, our tribe, and so much more!


1. Post a photo.

Use one of these photos or snap your own (I do encourage you to use your own because it’s more authentic).

Post the photo on your social media, text your friends and family, or message your fence sitters, or anyone who you want to be in this mini kit experience.

Here’s a sample message you can use (thanks to Stacey Cooke for this):

Okay these essential oil mini kits are so cute! And I want to give a set to YOU!

It’s free and includes :

12 essential oil samples from the Young Living starter kit
carrier oil for diluting
booklet on how to use each oil
help from me on how to use them

Who wants to try it? Okay so here’s the deal… you can’t already be a YL member and you agree to jump in a FB online class with me (you can come in your PJs – no makeup or driving to my house required) to learn how to use the mini kit.

I only have 3 of them to give away, so let me know because they’ll be gone! These are going in the mail on Monday!

2. Put your mini kit together.

Are you sending out samples for all 12 oils? Or just 3-5? Send them at least 3 samples of things you know they need.

Just remember you can’t charge for the oils. You can charge for postage if you like. I personally don’t charge for that but do make sure they are serious about learning about oils.

Here’s what I send:

5/8 dram bottles:

Bottle labels (these have 4 of each of the PSK oils:…?

Starter Kit booklet:


Send your mini kit samples out at least 5 days BEFORE the class. You want your people to have them in hand for the Zoom call class so they can experience them as talk about them.

3. Invite people to the Facebook event.

We are going to start posting in that event a couple of days before the live event with some info about each of the oils in the kit, Seed to Seal, why YL, etc.

The actual Zoom call itself will be us talking about our personal stories. Remember it’s the STORIES that people relate to. That’s what makes them go YES that’s for me! That’s what I need!

4. Send a reminder.

Starting 5 days before the event, follow up to make sure your people are coming to the event.

Remember spend 3-4x MORE time on the follow up than the actual class itself. Tell them their mini kit is in the mail and don’t forget to come to the class.

You can even offer to send them text messages to learn about the oils BEFORE the class.

I recommend sending this 5 days before the event. If you have Project Broadcast, you can download the bundle r1rvSxPvE.

Create the keyword MINIKIT and link the bundle to it. OR if you don’t have PB, I’ve got one set up. Tell them to text the keyword MINKIT to 442-287-0068 5 days before the event.

Send a final reminder the day of the event so they know to tune in. We will be recording the Zoom so people can watch afterwards BUT we want people to watch live as much as possible.


This is the most important step. After the class, follow up with the people you invited.

You can offer an incentive – even as small as a bottle from your stash or a custom roller bottle with oils that you make with what you have on hand. The important thing

Here’s a sample script:

Hey Jane, thanks for joining the class. Tell me something you learned from the class? Can’t you see your family using XYZ oil for ABC?

So I have a special gift for you… when you get your own premium starter kit I’ll cover tax and shipping (via YL product credit) OR I’ll send you a goodie bag worth $25 with diffuser earrings, roller ball set and reference book.

I’ve only got 2 left so let me know ASAP. I’d love to get you plugged into our team Facebook group so you can learn more!


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