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Perks of Enrolling a Spouse

You can now enroll your spouse as a wholesale member and build a business!

This is amazing and exciting on so many levels guys… so let’s chat a few options you have to take advantage of this.

Even if you are unsure if you want to BUILD under your spouse at this time, it is STILL an amazing way to get more Young Living product in your home – so let me show you why.

ENROLL with a STARTER KIT of your choice

You can grab an Aria Starter Kit, a NingXia Red Starter Kit, Thieves Starter Kit or a Savvy Starter Kit – your choice.

Use that kit for personal use, or have a kit as a sample kit, demo kit for a one-on-one or classes OR use as a FLIP KIT!

You can SAVE a ton of money on starter kits, we know that – over 50% off retail!!

Earn $$ on Your Spouses Enrollment

When you enroll your spouse and place a 50 PV order in the same month, you will earn $50 on their starter kit purchase. WHAT??!!! YEP!!! So right there you are getting an even better value!

Your Spouse enrolls a NEW member

When your spouse enrolls a new member HE gets $50, but you get $10 – HOORAY!!!

Enroll them in Essential Rewards to get the BIGGEST BANG

Enroll your spouse in Essential Rewards at the time of sign up, adding 90 PV to their order and you will earn 25% off that additional PV ($22.50) plus you will get the 100 & 190 Promo level products for FREE!

Spouse Order 100 PV

Have your Spouse purchase 100 PV on their Essential Rewards in months 2 and 3 and you will earn the 100 PV promo oil for FREE, plus earn $25 on that purchase, since they are in the FAST START BONUS period!!

Plus you get them past the 10% level on ER to the 20% real quick!! Can you image TWO Essential Rewards orders at 20% back??!! WOW!!

Get Your Spouse to STAR or SENIOR STAR

Help get your spouse to rank to STAR and you will earn 2 points for the cruise contest. Help them rank to Senior Star and you will get 5 points!!

So What’s The Bottom Line?

$610 worth of product (not including freebies) for $288.50 – that is without the other additional benefits of your spouse enrolling someone.

Month 1 – Enroll with 190 PV with PSK & ER
Month 2 – 100 PV
Month 3 – 100 PV
= $450 Out of Pocket


Month 1 – $72.50
Month 2 – $25
Month 3 – $25
= $122.50 + $39 ER points


If your husband/wife is listed on your YL account already and/or on your LLC or S-Corp then he/she would need to be removed from both before they can enroll.

So if this is something after much discussion and prayer that you and your spouse want to do, then make sure you start now with YL and with your accountant and lawyer to get that cleaned up so they are ready to enroll.

Your spouse needs to be enrolled at your level 1 or 2 and MUST be enrolled by the existing member spouse. A spouse cannot be enrolled by anyone except their spouse that is an existing member already.

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