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Should You Sell DIY or Resale YL Products

Should You Sell DIY or Resale YL Products? UPDATED

I’ve seen a few questions about this recently so, let’s talk about it. Resale and DIY sales… what’s the lowdown on what is and isn’t allowed per YL policy and procedures?


We’re going to go over the policy & procedure from Young Living, so you know what you can and can’t do.

But I also want to make it really clear that if you want to do this as a business there’s a strategy… and reselling individual bottles of oil and DIY products aren’t it.

What?! But that’s how other MLMs do it. Well, here’s the thing… do you want to be the Avon lady (not knocking them but I don’t want to be one) and have products in a bag that you cart around from house to house? Nope, me either.

The residual income… the $2,000, $5,000, $10,000, $100,000 paycheck isn’t made with selling DIY and individual bottles of oil. I don’t know a single diamond+ leader who does that.

Plus, carting around oils and going door to door isn’t freedom. You know what is? Being able to work anywhere in the world without being tethered to a bag that I need to cart around to give people their oils.

So you can see it doesn’t make sense as a long-term business strategy to sell DIY or resell YL products. But let’s go over when it might make sense to get to the long-term growth.


You are allowed to sell unopened YL products/oils to non-members and fellow members.

However, you MUST charge at least 10% above wholesale price (the member price) to do that. Even if you are selling to another member…you MUST charge 10% above wholesale!

If you are selling opened products, you need to fairly calculate the price so that it reflects this policy as well.

We highly encourage you just to not mess with selling opened products at all, that takes on an entirely new level of liability and truly, leaves YOU vulnerable.

Other things to remember about resale:

-You may NOT offer a “coupon” that would drop the price below 10% above wholesale

-You may NOT offer bundles that value products as below 10% wholesale

-You may NOT offer “your discount” to anyone. ALWAYS charge AT LEAST 10% above what you pay as a member.

-Buy, Sell, Trade groups almost ALWAYS get shut down due to policy infractions. Just don’t mess with them, friends, it isn’t worth it.


When someone asks me to buy an individual bottle of oil from me, I always steer them away.

While I could offer them 10% off the wholesale price – that still puts the tax, shipping, and delivery on ME.

I’d rather get them a retail account, so it can be shipped directly to them… or better yet tell them to SAVE up for the premium starter kit.

What message are sending someone when you say, “Don’t buy an individual oil. You’ll be spending more money.

The kit is a better deal and investment in your health. I’d rather you save up for it or better yet have you heard about the Paypal Credit option…”

What did I do there? I redirected it back to the starter kit because THAT is the best deal and you really can’t get the full benefit of oils without a diffuser.

So while I can give a non-member a bottle of oil for 10% above wholesale price, I’ve never done it.

Like ever in my almost 5 years with YL. I always steer them back to the starter kit or even a retail account so they can take charge of their OWN account.


You are welcome to make your own DIY products from YL products, however, you CANNOT sell them while advertising that they were made with YL products.

So, for example, You cannot make some DIY bath salts and then sell them to friends, family, in an Etsy shop, etc.. and say anything like “ bath salts: made with 100% Pure Young Living Essential Oils” That’s against P&P all you can say about the DIY products you make and sell is “Made with 100% pure essential oils”.

You CANNOT specify the brand, even if someone asks. (because the seed to seal is broken)

Other things to remember about DIY resale:

-You assume ALL liability if a DIY product you sell causes harm to a consumer (Yes, you signed away the right to sue -YL for a DIY mishap in your member agreement).

-You can still charge someone to come and make THEIR own DIY and advertise YL oils. But, You can only charge for the cost of the supplies , NOT the cost of the oils used.

The catch is the person MUST make their own products.

-You CAN gift something you’ve made DIY and let them know YL was used.

-You may not use Trademarked names when selling Ex: “Peace and Calming bath gel”.


-If you want to charge for a DIY at a make and take, only charge for the supplies other than oils and make sure your friends/clients make their own stuff.

-Gifts are okay.

-YL HIGHLY discourages you from even trying to make something DIY and sell it, even if you follow all the rules.

-You can do DIYs at member parties and either charge for the supplies or give them for free to members.

I usually have simple, inexpensive roller balls people can make with a carrier oil and my oils. BOOM! Simple and duplicable.

So, friends, in the end, these rules and it’s very important that you follow them. Not following them could lead to disciplinary action from YL and potentially legal action. This isn’t a joke.

Can I let you in on a secret? Resale and DIY sales are NOT what grow your business. Period. End of story.

They also aren’t going to change someone’s life. What will? Having an account where they have access to wholesale pricing, and countless YL products and oils.

Having the ability to learn and make their own DIYs when applicable.

Having the opportunity to chase this business, too!!

In the end, how you handle Resale and DIY is up to you but, please, do it by following the rules laid out for you.

If you want to read more about this, you can access YL Policy and Procedure in your virtual office or here: and click the Policy and procedure link to download. Pay specific attention to page 20.

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