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Where to Buy Supplies + Books

Oil Resources – Where to Buy Supplies + Books

My favorite online resources is Read other people’s testimonials on what oils worked for them.


Gentle Babies by Debra Rayburn – essential oils for pregnancy, childbirth, babies and beyond

Chemistry of Essential Oils by David Stewart

Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart – great history and general science book on oils for those

Animal Desk Reference – Essential Oils for Animals

Essential Oils Pocket Reference – great overall guide to essential oils

Life Science Publishing also has a variety of books and supplies:


Essential Oils Reference for iPhone and iPad


Glass spray bottles 16 oz bottle 2 oz bottle 4 oz bottle Mini spray bottles for breath spray, hand cleaner Lip balm containers containers tubesRoll-on bottles 5 ml bottle 10 ml bottle


Shea Butter

Rosehip Seed Oil for facial serum


If you’re looking to give a gift to a new member who signs up with you, here are some ideas:

The Oily Life booklet

Essential Oil Pocket Reference

Get Rolling Kit

Set of roller balls 10 ml bottle

Diffuser Necklaces

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