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on September 12, 2018

Young Living is having a flash sale on select premium starter kits – from Sept. 12-14, 2018. Keep reading for more details on the sale and a special giveaway just for the Let’s Be Frank Essentials team!

Get These Kits for 10% OFF!

  • Premium starter kit with the Aria diffuser (5465D)
  • Premium starter kit with the Rainstone (5470D) diffuser
  • Premium starter kit with the Dewdrop diffuser(5463D)
  • Premium starter kit with the Desert Mist diffuser (22397D)

More Kits for 10% OFF (military, international/NFR, Spanish language)

  • International PSK with International Plug (5462525D)
  • US Spanish language PSK with Aria diffuser (54650104D)
  • US Spanish language PSK with Dewdrop diffuser (54630104D)
  • US Spanish language PSK with Desert Mist diffuser (22442D)
  • US Military PSK with Dewdrop diffuser (5468D)

Why Everyone Needs at Least One Kit During the Sale

  1. Stock up on the kit AND get a 2nd diffuser for the bedroom… and the kids room, the office, the living room, and every room!
  2. Get a flip kit so that the next friend who wants one can take it
  3. Get a head start on those holiday gifts for your mom, sister, BFF, neighbor, etc.

NOW through Sept 14 at 11:59 pm MST

Ordering Limits
None – order as many as you like. BUT get them while you can because they do have a cap on how many are available. Time to stock up!

Who Can Get Them
Both new AND existing members – time to get those flip kits!

More Details

  • US, NFR and military homes
  • Not eligible for ER, ER points cannot be used
  • Quick order only
  • PSK enrollment does count towards Help 5

Giveaway for First-Time Enrollers

Enroll a friend, spouse or family member for the first-time EVER during this 10% off PSK promo sale and you’ll get a pair of vegan leather diffuser earrings from me! Fill out this form after you sign up your member.

How to Share

How do you help someone get started? It’s easy! Share your stories and help them know this is a complete NO BRAINER. Everyone needs this kit. And we’ve got some simple resources for you below…

  • Get scripts of simple stories and photos you can share on social media, text, or even email
  • Create your own sign-up link to share with friend. Just insert your member ID.
  • Text your friends and invite them over for coffee. Use this easy script that’s casual and perfect to use even BEFORE you get your kit. This works really well for 1:1s too.
  • Enroll your spouse. Now is the perfect time to get your spouse on board with oils… it’ll be 10% off!

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