Our Team

Our Let’s Be Frank Essentials oily tribe is group of like-minded rock stars who are passionate about their oils and helping others on a more natural lifestyle. Our community spans all over the world with the simple goal of sharing the benefits of essentials oils with every person, every family, every home.

Learn more about our amazing leaders below.

Crown Diamonds

Tracey Black Tracey Black Crown Diamond
San Diego, CA


Jaclyn McGlynn Jaclyn McGlynn Platinum
Tunkhannock, PA


Jenn Gaskell Jenn Gaskell Gold
Austin, TX
Kelly Fry Kelly Fry Gold
Tunkhannock, PA
Stacey Cooke staceycooke Gold
Chicago, IL


Angela Lees Angela Lees Silver
Suffolk , VA
Ariana Mock Ariana Mock Silver
Katy, TX
Michaela Schweitzer Chemical Free Families Silver
Broken Bow, NE
Darla Deines Darla Deines Silver
Hastings, NE
Dawn Bailey Dawn Bailey Silver
Georgetown, KY
Keline Akiyoshi Keline Akiyoshi Silver
Honolulu, HI
Sarah Altman Sarah Altman Silver
Austin, TX
Sarah Bullock Sarah Bullock Silver
Watertown, NY
Shari Placko Shari Placko Silver
Chicago, IL
Wendy Chapman Simplicity is Simple Silver
Los Angeles, CA
Tracy Jones Tracy Jones Silver
Virginia Beach, VA


Amy Newhart Amy Newhart Executive
Montrose, PA
Andrea Frasier Andrea Frasier Executive
Cranston, RI
Kelli Bray Kelli Bray Executive
Johnson City, TN
Whitney Perez Oily Goodness with Whitney T Perez Executive
Lebanon, TN , TN
Rebekah Goodwin Rebekah Goodwin Executive
Houston , TX
Sarah Mahmoud Sarah Mahmoud Executive
Lexington, KY
Jamie Haggett Silver Lining Executive
Carthage, NY

Senior Stars

Amy Hollister Amy Hollister Senior Star
Montrose, PA,
Kasandra Pruyn Homemade By Kas Young Living Team Senior Star
Elk Grove Village, IL
Kelly Kitchen Kelly Kitchen Senior Star
Georgetown, KY


Amy Clayville Amy Clayville Star
Newark, DE
Margueret Recoskie Esscentuals Star
Port Hope, Canada
Mel Truchon Essential Oils with Mel Star
North Bay, Canada
Gabrielle Thompson Gabrielle Thompson Star
Watertown, NY
Annette Kapfer Know Your Essential Oil Star
St. Petersburg, FL
Kathryn Fresquez LifeWithKat Star
Redlands, CA
Melissa Cheney Melissa’s Love of Oils Star
Wakefield, VA
Michelle Ormond MichelleOrmond Star
Salem , NH
Erin Rushing Rushing To Wellness Star
Jessi Delgado Simply Refreshing Life Star
Salt Lake City, UT
Stacey Harpest SpOILed So Good Star
Dayton, OH
Denise Ribeiro The Essence of Being Mommy Star
Deltona, FL


Heather Haines Heather Haines Distributor
Madrid, Spain
Tobey Cain Tobey Cain Distributor
Smithfield, NC