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I now know that "green" and "clean" are just marketing words to a lot of companies, so glad that we finally have the real deal in our home.

Awhile back, I made an effort to get our house on a healthier track. I started cooking a lot more, making our own yogurt (thank you instant pot!), making bread, growing a ton of veggies in the back yard, cleaning with “green” cleaners, getting rid of air fresheners, you know the drill. However, in my quest to improve the health of our family and our home, I assumed it was as easy as paying an extra few bucks for products at Target to get what I wanted. I soon learned that so many of those “green” cleaners and “natural” options that were on the shelves were really just a fancy (and expensive) marketing device and that most of these products weren’t much safer than their conventional counterparts.

Once I started really doing some good research, I learned about how many toxins we were brining into our home: from dryer sheets to hand soap, all purpose cleaner, shampoos, makeup and even our toothpaste! I’ve been so grateful that my friend Alison introduced me to Young Living. I became a huge fan of the Seed to Seal promise and respect the fact that YL is the only essential oil company that owns its own farms, from the seed to the distillation and quality control equipment. At first, the oils were a way to keep our home and cars smelling nice without all the crud. But now, they are part of our lifestyle for our entire family.

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