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Hi! Courtney Fowler here – I’m so happy to meet you!

A little about me…

I’m a mom & wife. I have two beautiful little miracles who each entered this world in their own unique way very fitting to their personalities, with four other babies waiting for us in Heaven. I’m married to the sweetest, coolest “nerd with social skills” and consider myself very blessed.

I live in organized chaos. And I’m good with it. Or maybe I should say most days I’m good with it. 😉 The house may be a mess, but you can bet there will be nourishing food on the table and love in the air!

I’m obsessed with all things natural wellness. I wasn’t always. I used to be what some may call “normal”- using regular beauty products from the drug store, eating fast food and prepackaged treats, cleaning with Clorox wipes, etc., but then I started to notice things happening to me and those around me that I just couldn’t believe were “normal” (especially given our young ages)…multiple miscarriages, cancer, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, acid reflux, severe hormone imbalances…and so I started reading. Researching. Learning. Making lifestyle changes little by little such as eating real food and using nontoxic bath, beauty, and cleaning products. Now I am super passionate about nourishing my family and keeping us all as healthy as possible so we can THRIVE and live full, happy lives! And these little bottles of awesome (aka essential oils) are a huge part of our happy regimen so I just have to share them with the world! I’m hoping that by sharing my journey and the things I learn along the way, that maybe I can help someone else improve their quality of life as well. Let me help you find your happy place!

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