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One simple change at a time made all the difference!

Hey hey friend! I’m so glad you stopped by! Let me share a secret with you. I wasn’t always “green” or living a natural lifestyle. Nope. Have you heard it said that the air inside your home is way more toxic than the air outside? That was my home about four years ago. I was that mom who had all the sprays, a plug-in in every room, a candle burning at all times and a cabinet stocked full of household cleaners.

During that same time, my whole family was suffering from all kinds of different health issues! So I started doing research on all those plug-ins and cleaners I was using and it set me on a course to rid my home of that stuff for good. I took baby steps, room by room and made one simple change at a time. And that made all the difference!

Even one simple swap to a healthier, plant-based product can make a huge impact. And it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive either. I’ll show you how. 🙂

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