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A Nurse who Works from Home! Small changes make a BIG difference! Chemical Free Living!

🙋‍♀️In 2017, I was diagnosed with metabolic dysbiosis, my phalate and paraben levels were off the charts, I learned I am all grains intolerant, and I was becoming physically exhausted, there was more, but I will stop there (I would love to share my journey with you personally or over a virtual coffee/tea date, etc.).

💃 I needed to make changes and FAST!

⏰For years, I had tried to make healthy choices, but when I started looking more closely at my makeup, laundry detergent, dryer sheets house cleaning products, candles, lotions, the air I was breathing in, toothpaste, water, food, etc., it was a huge wake-up call!

I have been a nurse for 20 years,and have been blessed with many different nursing jobs/experiences. I have always loved learning and sharing!   My passion has become sharing about how chemical free living can help keep you ABOVE the wellness line and teaching 🧘‍♀️Christian yoga.

🍊My motto has become, “Consistent, small changes result in a BIG Difference.”

🍋I am passionate about Young Living, it is a Lifestyle Company, and it has been a huge piece to my puzzle of helping myself, my family, and friends live our best lives.

🙂I am passionate about our Young Living Team! 🌎🌍🌏Our team is from all over!!!!…& we believe in Community & Fun!

🍃I would love to be part of YOUR Young Living Journey.

🌿Please don’t hesitate to reach out, with any questions.

🛫🛬I live between Georgia and Wisconsin, and the most amazing thing about this job, is you can work from ANYWHERE!

❤️Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

❤️Whether you would like to use Young Living for personal use only or use it for personal use and possibly a potential career, it doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that you are here! And you happened upon an amazing Lifestyle Company, and we are here to support you, help you learn, and you will be part of a growing community that cares about living their best lives.

❤️💃🌞I look forward to journeying with YOU!

📱💻⌨️☎️Email me:

❤️Jenny🍊Essentially Infused🍋Corinthians Branches🌿


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