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Madrid, Spain
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Ditching convention for adventure and wellness

Who needs a life dictated by convention and societal norms?
Not me!

I left the conventional life behind when I moved to Spain to teach English. I refuse to be ok with the chemicals and toxins that companies put into our homes through our cleaning and personal care products. I refuse to live miserably and be unwell.

Instead, I embrace adventure. I am taking control of my house and replacing store-bought products with all-natural, essential oil-infused products. I support my body and it’s systems with nature’s gift of essential oils. I choose to live a life of wellness, a life that is mine, and life that is happy.

I love to learn and share my knowledge with others, to meet new people and learn about their adventures, and to help others achieve their wellness goals. I teach essential oils classes in Madrid, Spain, 1-2 times per month and I love to meet with people one-on-one as well.

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ESL Teacher & Natural Wellness Advocate
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