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Honolulu, HI
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It's Feeling Like A New Me

We are always hosting classes on various topics and would love for you to join us!

  • Introduction to Essential oils
  • Beauty and skin care
  • DIY parties
  • Essential Oils for kiddos and babies
  • Can I use essential oils if I have pets? (yes!)
  • Happy Healthy Home – Get the toxins OUT with easy swaps

You can access these classes via our Facebook group, in person, and even via text! Just message me to let me know what you are interested in.

When I first entered the workforce as a Physical Therapist in a Skilled Nursing Facility I found myself getting sick…a lot. For over 6 months, I was on multiple medications and saw various types of doctors. Nothing helped. Never once did I think about how the chemicals I used on a daily basis affected me until my friend introduced me to this Young Living lifestyle. I grew my knowledge, not only abut dangerous ingredients in my household products, but also about essential oils. I felt empowered to take back control of my lifestyle and what I allowed (or didn’t allow for that matter) in it. And this is how I want to help YOU too. Being a PT, my goal has always been to help people towards their health goals, and this YL experience has exponentially grown my opportunities to help people. Want to know what’s even better? I get to do it in the place I was born and raised, Hawaii! I’m passionate about empowering our local community to make better choices and feel in control of their health and their family’s health as well. So let me join you on this journey to a New YOU!

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Interested in switching to a chemical-free lifestyle? I would love to connect with you to help get you started with a customized plan for you and your family :)