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The Journey to Natural Health & "Hippyness"...

Hi, I’m Rebekah! I am so glad that you landed at this website at the perfect time to start (or continue on) your wellness journey! You’ll never want to look back 😉

I cannot wait to share why I LOVE these amazing bottles of goodness and help you fall in love with them as well! My journey with Young Living and essential oils started in 2015 (officially… I dabbled before!) but my wellness journey really started me off on my passion for all things natural wellness!

In college, I struggled with some health issues that kept me from fully enjoying, engaging and getting the most out of life and I was SO over it. I did not want to spend any more time being tired and not operating at my full potential. So what did I do? I researched what was in my environment, food, and personal care products- quite an eye opening experience!

So I started the journey that led me here! I made some small tweaks and some big tweaks over the years but now, here I am, armed with oils and ready to help you achieve your goals for health and abundance! Join me and this incredible community as you create your wellness story 🙂

Super new to oils?! Did you know you can use them for: supporting healthy body systems, digestive support, overall wellness, kiddos, sleep support, beauty, toxic-free cleaning, pet care (my dog, Mozzie, can attest to this!), DIY projects, ditching chemicals in the home, cooking (hello, vitality oils), muscle recovery, boosting your energy, and the list goes on.

Message me for a class schedule, a coffee ( anyone in Houston area?!) or to schedule your own oily event!



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