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Hi, my name is Wendy Chapman.  I am married and mom to 3 kids.  I teach high School chemistry, elementary science, and homeschool, my kids.  Five years ago, looked very different for me.  I was diagnosed with 3 autoimmune diseases and didn’t know where to turn.  With my science background, I researched my options and came across essential oils.  I had tried other brands without results until my friend gave me some of the Young Livings essential oils.  I tried Thieves, Lemon and Peppermint and haven’t looked back.  Now my life is simpler, healthier, and we are happier. There is wisdom in God’s creation, and I love using what He made to live and thrive.  Now I am passionate about teaching others HOW to live abundantly now and in the future.  What we put on and, in our bodies, now will affect how we live later.


I love teaching people how to use essential oils, and to bring them into your home for all-natural beauty, health, and household cleaning. In our house, we are free of any toxic chemicals using Thieves & essential oils. We use essential oils for wellness, sleep, relaxing, energy, tension, muscles, digestion, hormone balancing, cleaning, beauty, oh the list goes on.    Whether you need to tame an attitude, boost your immune system, or ditch the harsh cleaners I can help you make the switch.


Me in September: "essential oils are a money-making scam and I'll never drink the Kool-aid!"

Me in March: "I need to find a better way to store and organize my oils...."

Nancy K.

" Two nights of Raven on my chest and in the diffuser....lungs feel great, and voice is back."

Katie F.

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