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My Journey to wellness

I used to be tired ALL THE TIME.

Several years ago, my life was hectic! Between the housework, cooking, homeschooling 3 kids, running errands, and work, I was so tired that I lacked the energy to do any fun things or pursue any hobbies. There was always something that needed to get done.  By the end of the day, I was drained! I went to bed fatigued, but found it difficult to fall asleep because my mind was still going!! That’s why I was so tired all the time!!! Consequently, I would get sick very easily and quite frequently! My immune system was vulnerable & compromised.
Something had to change – and fast! I was so busy taking care of everyone that I had no energy for myself. I realized I had to purposely stop and take care of myself in order to take better care of my family. I began to make small changes – here and there – little baby steps – investing time in myself. My husband has been my biggest supporter! He encourages me. He actually shares the house responsibilities with me – and so do the kids!
Fast forward to today – I am a much happier mom & wife.  I go to sleep and I rest. I get up every morning refreshed.  I haven’t gotten sick at all this season! I still love to cook for my family and I take special care of their diets.  I am very careful in selecting wholesome ingredients so we all get good nutritious food. Investing the time to purposely take care of myself, resulting in losing weight too – I am 25lbs lighter!  I homeschool two of my kids now.  My oldest decided to go to a full-time charter school for high school. I work part-time and I am actively volunteering at my local church – something I find very rewarding.  I am also an amateur watercolorist.  I love to create art with watercolor.  I actually find it relaxing and comforting when I sit at my desk to paint. It is one of the ways I can wind down from a busy day!

It has been quite an exciting and rewarding journey so far; one I am still living and enjoying very, very much!

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I had a biopsy done and after the event, I was shaking uncontrollably. I put on a drop of Valor essential oil on my hands and inhale it and immediately I stopped shaking. It is made from a blend of other essential oils like frankincense essential oil, rosewood, spruce, and blue tansy essential oils. Valor essential oil is an incredibly powerful restorative. It helps stimulate your nervous system and exhibits other healing properties as well.

Jessi Delgado

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