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How My Oily Journey Began

A few years ago I started using Tea Tree oil to help with my acne. I mean there I was over 40 and still battling those little demons that had haunted me since my teenage years. It wasn’t until this past November (2019) when I was recovering from my second shoulder surgery and doing some research that I decided to switch to Young Living. I was so depressed to the point where I had suicidal thoughts. I was dealing with chronic pain on top of surgery pain and what felt like severe exhaustion that had been going on for years. Just before my shoulder surgery I had found out I was misdiagnosed rheumatoid arthritis a little over five years prior. I had gotten a second opinion at the time when I was diagnosed, but when the pain didn’t subside the doctors moved me to a higher strength of whatever medications they had me on before moving on to a new toxic medication ritual. What had I been doing to my body?! Not only that, but with my asthma and my significant other’s COPD (he never has smoked a single day in his life!) I had been trying to use healthier cleaning products. It wasn’t working. Nothing was improving. So on Black Friday I ordered my Premium Starter Kit.

Hi. I’m Stacey. I’m a mom, grandmother, girlfriend, daughter, sister, and nurse. I’ve been through some tough times. I know what it’s like to have to decide which bill to pay or whether to make a decision between buying food and rent. I know what it is like to have medical issues that affect every area of your life. If you’re struggling I want you to take a deep breath and find that mustard seed. Have faith.

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